Kenshi 1.0


Kenshi 1.0

Kenshi is a single player free-roaming Role Playing Game
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Kenshi is a single player free-roaming Role Playing Game, with a Real-Time Strategy influence. Its squad-based, meaning you have a whole team of characters who can split up and go to different ends of the world. The game world is 400 square km of seamless terrain with a world map screen for fast-travel, Fallout style. You can play with one character, or with 50, and there are advantages to both. Combat is real-time and is based on swords and bows, action beat-em up style but with RPG stats influencing the outcome


-characters are now aware of what other characters in the squad are doing and are less likely to do things like heal the same target while someone else is bleeding to death.
-you can now bring up the right-click menu by clicking on a characters portrait
-characters in a squad can communicate. If a character needs to heal, he can ask the squad to halt the patrol. If a character is wounded and has no medkits he can ask someone else to heal him.
-when a whole squad is defeated, any character that gains consciousness will stay down until all enemies are out of range.
-removed a few old items, added new ones. Spike armour, chain head-wrap, martial artists Gi, and tricorner hat.
-Due to unpopularity, the plank has been changed to a lighter, hacker class weapon, but its still cool
-when you right-click an enemy it commands your character(s) to attack all of them, instead of targeting that single enemy. If you want to attack a certain enemy you can choose it from the right-click menu. This should stop new player confusion syndrome.

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